Our safari experiences
Our safari experiences
Our safari experiences

balancing tourism with nature

If South Africa’s wild places are to exist for future generations, we need people from all over the world to get involved in our efforts. At Marataba, we encourage involvement in all areas of conservation, from the small and thoughtful to the big and bold. Stimulating and well-informed discussions with our expert guides and conservationists and daily game drives and boat trips are all part of the experience too. The balance is key… swimming and hiking, laughing and discovering are as much a part of our DNA as tracking cheetah and monitoring the growth rate of elephants.

All our experiences are interpretive and interactive and led by a team of conservation-focused guides. The majority of experiences are included in the rate and throughout the year, there are a variety of active interventions that can be pre-planned and booked. All guests are allocated a private conservation guide and vehicle for maximum flexibility, and activities can be chosen on a ‘mix and match’ basis for a fully tailor-made stay.

An indication of fitness levels has been allocated for each activity.

Level 1 =
no fitness required and everyone can participate in these activities
Level 2 = easy walking which all guests can participate in
Level 3 = further walking on non-technical landscape with limited physical strain
Level 4 = a degree of fitness and agility required, limited technical landscape
Level 5 = good fitness, agility and endurance required, this includes technical landscape