Rhino Conservation
Rhino Conservation
Rhino Conservation

rhino conservation experience

Rhino monitoring and management is a core function of Marataba’s conservation team. Join us on a fully interactive rhino-focused safari and get involved with elective procedures like rhino notching.

Bookable with a surcharge of R 75 500 per group (max 10 people)

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Rhino registration and identification is an ongoing intervention at Marataba and our long-term objective is to have every single rhino at Marataba identified. Throughout the year, we undertake rhino immobilisation procedures, purely for rhino conservation and research – and you are invited to join us!

During a rhino registration and identification procedure, you will help immobilise and notch the animal and insert a DNA microchip into the horns and body. Tissue is collected and the DNA is submitted to the RHoDIS database (Rhinoceros DNA indexing system), a national DNA database maintained by the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at the University of Pretoria that is kept to provide forensic evidence related to the provenance of confiscated rhinoceros horns.


During a rhino-focused safari, a stay could look something like this:

Day 1: After a briefing with the conservation team, embark on an afternoon drive to identify a specific rhino and learn about the social interaction and make up of rhino groups.
Day 2: Darting, notching & monitoring of the rhino. A follow up and post-notching monitoring will take place in the afternoon.
Day 3: Alternative day for notching, or to enjoy a selection of Marataba experiences with a private vehicle and dedicated guide.

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