The conservation team
The conservation team
The conservation team

Our conservation team

Our conservation team are essential to the daily running of Marataba. All wildlife areas require a certain degree of management, from wildlife movement and monitoring to focussed conservation interventions, data collection and vegetation assessments. On top of these are the general repairs and maintenance that are essential to the smooth running of the park, and keep the team busy 24 hours a day (almost!).

Dr André Uys
Heading up the conservation team. André left private wildlife practice in 2011 to join Marataba as the General Manager of conservation and park operations. His involvement in veterinary conservation medicine has taken him across most of Africa, where he has been a part of some of the most significant conservation operations on the continent.

These include the recent mega-move of more than 500 elephants between parks in Malawi, and the reintroduction of black rhino into five range states where they were either facing extinction or were already locally extinct.
Arie Swiegers
Guide extraordinaire and guru of Marataba’s wild places, Arie heads up the guest safari experience. Arie is also the link between the safari team and conservation teams and feeds all data collected by guests to the conservation management unit. There is simply nobody better than Arie to enthuse you and make you mindful of this magnificent place.
Naudé Smit
Naudé is responsible for the Park’s conservation operations team and law enforcement. Naudé and his team are the groundskeepers of the Park and are committed to providing the wildlife of Marataba a safe and functional environment that meets all their needs.
Léta Smit
Leta ensures that all Park operations keep within the boundaries of our national environmental legislation and internal framework, agreed upon by all our tourism operators. She maintains the critically-important environmental GIS database of the Park, which includes all wildlife monitoring data, environmental monitoring sites, and vegetation maps.
Driekus Buys
Driek is the man you can always call in a crisis! Head of technical operations, he ensures that our substantial, road, water and electricity reticulations and fencing infrastructures are kept in tip-top shape and that we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our footprint.