Walking & hiking safaris
Walking & hiking safaris
Walking & hiking safaris
Walking & hiking safaris
Fitness levels 1-5, depending on terrain; some walks and hikes are limited to 16+ years.
Level 1 = no fitness required and everyone can participate in these activities
Level 2 = easy walking which all guests can participate in
Level 3 = further walking on non-technical landscape with limited physical strain
Level 4 = a degree of fitness and agility required, limited technical landscape
Level 5 = good fitness, agility and endurance required, this includes technical landscape

For the adventurous, Marataba is an escape into the wilderness. Whether keen on exploring the spectacular gorges that cut through the foothills, walking through the awe-inspiring mountains, or just taking a relaxed, family stroll to enjoy a picnic and a swim in one of the crystal-clear mountain streams, this is the perfect place to dip into nature and explore on foot.

Get involved:

Our guides are always available to discuss expectations and design your perfect expedition, from slow, rambling nature walks, ending in a refreshing river swim, to longer ‘wild walks’ that will definitely get your heart rate up! It is also possible to book one or two nights at the Sleepout, in addition to a stay at Founders or Explorers, and embark on a full day walking expedition followed by a night in the wild.